Black Dot

The Black Dot is a fun, experimental practice exercise in animation. It's simple, you start with black dot, transform it into some kind of movement, then return to the original black dot at the end. This way, different artists can link their black dot segments together to form a longer chain of movement. Short, simple animations work best, but the sky is the limit. Scroll down to learn how to make your own black dot segment.

AwA Exhibition Black Dot

This is the final Black Dot made by the five core members of Artists Who Animate for the show at Morris Graves. You can read more about that on the history page.

Early Black Dot Experiments by AwA

Here are some of the first experiments done by the five original members of AwA. Please note that they do not all exhibit the criteria listed below for making your own black dot.

Make Your Own Black Dot Segment

In 2019 we will build a new Black Dot animation with segments from anyone who wants to play, it's open to anyone on the planet. Your segment or segments should be short - between 6 and 12 seconds. Longer segments are discouraged because we have found them to be less effective when viewed in succession. They can include color and sound if you like but they don't have to. You can use any animation technique, even 3-D, as long as you can manage a smooth transition to and from the black dot. Keep it fun and simple, these are for practice,sharing and learning -- they should not keep you away from your primary animation projects!

Black Dot Criteria

  1. Videos must begin with ONE SECOND of the Black Dot (download the JPG file below).
  2. Transition from the Black Dot to your animation must be SMOOTH, no jumps!
  3. This is where you get to be creative, use any technique you like.
  4. Transition back to the Black Dot from your animation must be SMOOTH, no jumps!
  5. Video must end with ONE SECOND of the Black Dot.
  6. Upload your segment to Vimeo, making sure it's a downloadable file, and notify
  7. If your segment meets all of the above criteria it will be added to the 2019 Black Dot Animation.

Black Dot JPG File for Download, 1920 X 1080 px