Julie McNiel


Julie McNiel


Julie McNiel is a visual artist and college art teacher. She received an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999, and a BFA in illustration from the University of San Francisco in 1988. Her award-winning paintings and drawings have been shown at numerous galleries and museums. Currently, she teaches art at Pelican Bay State Prison through the William James Association's Prison Arts Program.


"After receiving the Victor T. Jacoby Award in 2011 for animation, I had the opportunity to explore this medium for the first time. I use a digital camera and stop-motion software to produce short pieces that incorporate raw, hand-drawn images and collage. There is little to no editing, so a certain brusqueness, immediacy, and textural quality is maintained. I strive to convey an almost primitive atmosphere of emotion and most enjoy the ability to incorporate sound with image."