Artists Who Animate is a semi-regular gathering of folks in Humboldt County, California, who are interested in animation as an art form. Artists and art lovers are all welcome to come and share ideas, ask questions and inspire each other.

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Bee Fest Animations Wanted

Here is an opportunity for local artists to have their animated works shown to the public.

We are assembling a program of animated pieces to show at the Bee Fest on May 4th. They would like pieces with themes around "Everything is Connected" and the "Circle of Life". The pieces don't necessarily have to have bees in them, but should be about these broad themes in some way (I will show Dancing With Scissors and Riley will show A Way of Seeing). Or, you could create a simple new piece (short, like a black dot even) with bees in it.

The animation will be looped all day long on a flat screen TV in a vendor booth where I will also be selling Bee related rubber stamps. They are also considering a projected version either before or after their main speaker, but I don't have details on that just yet.

Send your pieces to me (via Vimeo or Dropbox, etc.) as soon as you have them ready. If you want on-screen credit you'll need to add it to your piece. I don't have a deadline for you yet but in case there are technical issues, the latter part of April at the latest would be good:

The Bee Fest is a one day event, May 4th, 10 AM to 4 PM at the Adorni Center. They usually get about 1000 people.

About Our Gatherings

At each gathering, one artist will do a presentation of their work, followed by open discussion. This is a great way to see what other artists are up to, learn about different kinds of animation techniques, and most importantly - get inspired to do your own work. Gatherings also provide artists with time to socialize in real life, exchange ideas and get answers to those pesky technical questions.

Presentation Guidelines

There is no "membership" to this group, anyone can attend, and any artist who is actively working on a project that includes animation can present. If you have a project in mind but have not actually begun work yet, please wait until it's underway before presenting. Presentations of previously completed works will be accepted as well, but priority will always be given to those with current works-in-progress.

If you would like to present your work, please come to a gathering and talk to Steven.

Past presenters include...