Artists Who Animate is a semi-regular gathering of folks in Humboldt County, California, who are interested in animation as an art form. Artists and art lovers are all welcome to come and share ideas, ask questions and inspire each other.

Next Gathering: Friday, February 1st at 7:00 PM
Presenters: Riley Quarles and Terry Togerson

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Riley Quarles
and Terry Togerson

"Animation is one way to tell a story. I believe that in many situations, reducing visual information actually invites the viewer to participate on a deeper level with a story. As humans we like to fill in the empty space between two things that are known to us in our own way. My stories are pretty much all about my direct experiences in nature. It is my hope that somehow, through my creative processes, others will also will wander about in the great outdoors and find their own way through this wondrous world."

About Our Gatherings

At each gathering, one artist will do a presentation of their work, followed by open discussion. This is a great way to see what other artists are up to, learn about different kinds of animation techniques, and most importantly - get inspired to do your own work. Gatherings also provide artists with time to socialize in real life, exchange ideas and get answers to those pesky technical questions.

Presentation Guidelines

There is no "membership" to this group, anyone can attend, and any artist who is actively working on a project that includes animation can present. If you have a project in mind but have not actually begun work yet, please wait until it's underway before presenting. Presentations of previously completed works will be accepted as well, but priority will always be given to those with current works-in-progress.

If you would like to present your work, please come to a gathering and talk to Steven.

Past presenters include...